Printer’s Ball

Last night, I spent a couple of hours at the Printer’s Ball in Chicago. Besides coming away with a bag of free journals and books heavy enough to dislocate my shoulder, some of the other highlights were:

  • the Marie Antoinette dresses and wigs made entirely out of PAPER that were worn by two women throughout the evening. The streamers, fake fountains, and plants were also made entirely of paper. (see photos below)
  • the demonstrations of paper-making, silk-screening, and letter-press that made the art of books and paper still thrilling in the digital age. My friend and I were so inspired, we may even try to take a print class from Anchor Graphics this fall.
  • conversation with others who love words as much as I do – acquaintances, friends, and total strangers.
  • a renewed appreciation for the journals and small presses for whom putting words on paper is a labor of love.
  • a desire to come home and WRITE –  all that reading reminded me that someone had to write it first.

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