Sherman Alexie on The Colbert Report and Holiday Giving…

I watched Sherman Alexie on Stephen Colbert’s show the other night. He gave an impassioned speech about the need to support books as local products – everyone talks about shopping in local stores, buying sustainable local produce, etc., but no one recognizes that the art of the book has become increasingly small and local in the face of the electronic world of words. He also talked about artist’s rights; he will not allow any of his work to be available for Kindle or other electronic readers. Although I’m not sure that this is the answer, it raises a question about how to use electronic media to support the art of the book.

In that spirit, why not buy your friends and loved ones some wonderful books this holiday season? Not the bestsellers lining all of the big box shelves, but poetry chapbooks, small press fiction, or even a handmade art book.  Perhaps a subscription to a literary magazine? The possibilities are endless. Here are some places to start…Finishing Line PressWord Tech PressTilt Press or Dancing Girl Press




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