Poetry x 12: A Poetry Reading Resolution

Dana Guthrie Martin of Read Write Poem and My Gorgeous Somewhere has started a year-long poetry reading challenge called Poetry x 12. She offers a challenge for each month to read a collection of poems based on a given guideline. For instance, in January, the challenge is to read a book of poetry published in the year that you were born. Fortunately for me, I am OLD, and 1962 gives me many splendid choices: Anne Sexton’s All My Pretty Ones, Robert Frost’s In the Clearing, Sylvia Plath’s The Colossus, and other collections by Denise Levertov, Robert Bly. and W.S.Merwin. (I used Wikidpedia for a good list of poetry published in that year.) I just checked out all three of the first titles from the library and may re-read them all. Later challenges also provide a way for us to support other writers as we are asked to read a chapbook or a book reviewed on a blog – this will give even those of us with the tightest wallets a chance to purchase new work we may have otherwise passed by. Watch for a reflection at the end of each month on the book(s) I have read for the challenge. Thanks to Dana for a wonderful way to broaden my collective knowledge of poems and to support other writers.


One thought on “Poetry x 12: A Poetry Reading Resolution

  1. Those are indeed fantastic choices! What I like about the January challenge is it gives us all a way to get a better handle on who was writing what when — at least in terms of more recent poets. That kind of timelines is always really fuzzy for me.

    Later in the month, I will check in participants and prompt everyone to write about their January selection if they so desire. So take notes! šŸ˜‰

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