RWP Mini-Challenge #3: The White Album

This is the third draft for Read Write Poem’s Mini-Challenge Fall in Love with a Poet. I am writing centos using Beatles lyrics. (Scroll down to see attempts one and two.)  This one had a few small words added, but is still created from mostly intact lines from The White Album.

Beyond the Sea: A Lament

Standing on a cast-iron shore, I greet

the brand new day like a little child.

Somewhere your song fills the air –

sing it loud so I can hear you. I’m lonely,

and half of what I say is meaningless.


Everybody’s got something to hide –

take a good look. You’re bound to see it.

In their eyes, there’s something lacking.

It never really mattered. I’m lonely,

and I’m coming down fast without you.


Sleeping sand, silent cloud, kindly send

her sailing back to me. See the waters

rise.  Looking through the bent-backed

tulips, find me in my field of grass.

I’m lonely, and if you want me to, I will.


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