Doing It the Old-fashioned Way…

One of the title set-ups for my broadside

Yesterday, I started my Broadsides for Poets class at Evanston Print and Paper. Sarah Vogel, a print artist, guided us through our first day of planning our broadsides, which included hand-setting the metal type to be used on the Vandercook letterpress machine. Another classmate and I wanted to handset the type, so despite the caveat that it is much easier and faster on the computer, we relished the labor and love it took to set each letter, each punctuation mark, and each space backward and upside down.

The type drawer - not in alphabetical order, as you might imagine...

We each set one line for Sarah to check before we went much farther…

First line...

Only a couple of hours later (with some breaks for other instruction), both Ann and I had set our complete poems.

The completed poem with title/author set-ups

We spent the remainder of the afternoon designing the graphics for our broadsides in Adobe Illustrator (a program we had to learn as we went along). Eileen and Sarah will have polymer plates made for our graphics later this week to be ready for printing next Saturday. The three pupils also agreed on some ink colors to facilitate the printing process, and we all choose papers for our broadsides.  Next week, we will be proofing the text and laying out the presses before printing our broadsides.  I won’t show you a preview, but let’s just say that, using my strange ideas and Sarah’s encouragement and design expertise, my broadside will be beautiful and funky. I can’t wait. Check back next Saturday/Sunday for the results!


2 thoughts on “Doing It the Old-fashioned Way…

  1. It is cool, Jan. I highly recommend it – it makes you think about the ideas of your poem in a whole different way. I can’t wait to actually print them tomorrow – I will post the results!

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