These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

A sunny day without humidity. A comfortable chair in said sunshine. A good book at hand (currently Sakura Park, poetry by Rachel Wetzsteon). And a twisted idea for a poem.

I was reading an article somewhere online the other night (lost track of where) that mentioned returning to form as a way to exercise your writing muscles. So, for some reason, after hearing a disk jockey use the phrase “my favorite things” on the radio, my mind wandered to the song from The Sound of Music – you know, raindrops on roses and all that. I thought about how sweet it all is – and I wanted to sour it up.

So I decided to write a villanelle that used some of the familiar phrases from the song in a pessimistic poem. It started out as a laugh, but I’ve actually started to think it has some possibilities. It is currently titled  “A Pragmatist’s Response to Advice from Rodgers and Hammerstein.” If you would like to read it while it is in draft form, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I will send it along.


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