Back to the Big Tent…

I finally had a chance this week to revisit Big Tent Poetry, and I picked a great week to do so.  This week’s prompt asked readers to visit Referential Magazine and, following the mission of the magazine, create something new based on a piece of writing or art already present in their content.  Here is my first draft attempt, based on a line from the poem “Unreality” by Elizabeth Langemak.

Post Updated 12/18/10: The piece has been revised and submitted. Email me for the full version.


It comes between us, this emptiness,

this knowing we will always be empty,



6 thoughts on “Back to the Big Tent…

  1. Oh. My. Such a terrific response. Strong language choices, that borrowed field. Love the last line.

    I do hope you send this, or your revision (can’t quite see how it can be improved, but …) to RM.

  2. Oh, I like this! I hope you’ll send it when you feel it’s ready — though I can’t really see what you would change.

    Love your blog. I like yoga and yoga pants too. Actually, I love yoga pants. Maybe more than yoga.

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