Looking Forward, Looking Back

Wouldn't it be nice to have these for 2011?

Risk, reward, and change were key words for me in 2010. Personally, I had some ups and downs and dealt (I think pretty well) with sending my “baby” off to college, and my husband and I have learned the new language of being empty nesters. Changes. Big ones. Work has been rewarding, as always.  And I have taken lots of risks with my writing life: scheduling readings, promoting my chapbook, sending out submissions, getting involved with Voice Alpha, and finally allowing myself to believe that what I am doing is worthwhile. Risk. And reward.

I am so thankful for the many people who support me in this writing life: my colleagues, who know how hard it is to steal the time from teaching to write; my family, who thinks everything I write is brilliant; and my poetry community of kindred spirits (online and in person), who encourage and challenge me to keep finding the words. That includes anyone who happens to stop by and read, even if you don’t comment (although I love it when you do!).

And , on January 1, 2011, I take on two new endeavors:  participating in National Small Stones Month, a project which encourages attention to the details in our lives and capturing them through the arts; and starting a new weekly feature here on my blog entitled The Poetry Tow Truck, offering prompts, ideas for revision, and discussions of craft. Come visit on Saturday, January 1 for a prompt to start your new year of writing!


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