Feeding the Muses

They evidently like spinach lasagna. And brownie sundaes with peppermint Oberweiss ice cream.

Today, I had a lovely writing day with my friend and fellow poet Kristin Latour.  We met at my place for a couple of prompts and some discussion of new poems, as well as some conversation about submissions.  And food, of course. (Thus the two treats listed at the top of the post. Yum.)

After doing some new writing from prompts and workshopping a couple of new poems, we did move on to a discussion of submissions – how we track them, how we decide where to send poems, and even how to group poems for a submission. Every writer does this differently, and it was great to get some insight into what works for someone else.

We both agreed that the hardest part is doing the reading/research that is necessary before sending your work to a journal. Since both of us teach full time, this time-consuming aspect of the process can be daunting. Sometimes it results in a pattern of sending poems to the same journals again and again (something we noticed in both of our records), and sometimes it can result in having your work gather dust on the hard drive, waiting to be jettisoned out into the world. (Guilty on that front as well.)

It was a rewarding day, one where friendship and the writing life were well-fed. And the muses, too, of course. They keep asking for seconds…


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