Success in Small Doses

Success #1:  Monday, I will start my new position as dean of students at my middle school. It will be my first time out of the classroom in 26 years, and I am hoping that it will help me develop new types of relationships with colleagues and students.

Success #2: I have a poem coming up in a journal I love, The Literary Bohemian.

Success #3: Two readings coming up: January 30 at Brewed Awakenings with Kristin Latour and January 31 at Cafe Ballou with the Waiting 4 the Bus gang to celebrate the release of the new issue of their journal, Exact Change Only.

Success #4: I have been staying positive in the face of a lot of negativity – for me, this is a success. I literally lose sleep over things I cannot control, and being able to let go of some of these things is a big success for me. And of course, writing always helps.


8 thoughts on “Success in Small Doses

    • Kathleen – Right back at you! I so admire your writing, and I look forward to the wild and wonderful connections that you make everyday in your posts. You have been very supportive of me – I count that as a blessing (which I guess is another kind of success.)

  1. Yeay for all these successes! #4is one I struggle with. That and feeling guilty. Feeling guilty about calling in sick, about not writing, not sending poems out, whatever. It ties into negative thinking. I keep working on it, constantly scraping all of the bad stuff off, like boats needing barnacles to be chipped off. Guilt and negativity as barnacle…. Hmmmm….

  2. Congratulations indeed. Especially number 4. I can tell you from experience that gets even easier as you grow older. And my mum from her 82 years says, Just wait! Age has compensations. We let go of a lot of stuff. Good luck with your year. I am so glad to have met you, so to speak.

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