Bottoms Up for the Big Tent

Corks and Other Missteps

I grew


to flotsam

in the chardonnay,

those gritty bits

of grief

between the teeth.

You never

completely got it,

not once.


My response to this week’s Big Tent Poetry prompt. This is part of a series of small poems in response to photographs that I am working on with poet/bookmaker Matt Barton.


9 thoughts on “Bottoms Up for the Big Tent

    • Thanks, Kathleen. Matt and I are writing these tiny poems that, when alternated, kind of show a relationship arc. We have 8 or 9 written – I finally got this one looking the way I wanted it with some help from the food prompt this week.

  1. What a great project, and a super addition to it. Such a recognizable moment, with the hint of mystery for the other’s “position” in this misstep.

    • We are pretty excited about what we have so far. We are writing in isolation with no conversation about the photos, so although the poems are not connected purposefully, they seem to be developing an arc all their own, which is cool.

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