Experiments in Sound

Today, I had the pleasure of reading with Kristin Latour at Brewed Awakenings in Westmont, IL, for the Illinois Poetry Society’s Last Sunday reading event.  It was a very responsive little crowd, and Kristin and I tried a couple of little experiments. First, we each read a poem that the other then read for a second time – this way, the audience got to hear a poem from each of us two times, in two different voices, which they seemed to enjoy.

I also experimented with recording the reading on my iPad with a plug-in mic and an app called Voxie. It actually worked pretty well, considering the ambient noise in any coffee shop. Once we get a chance to listen and edit the recording, perhaps we will share the double readings to see how they sound in two voices.

I am supposed to be a part of a reading tomorrow night in the city, but the snowstorm of the century is predicted to begin tomorrow afternoon here in the Midwest, so I may have to miss it. Here’s hoping that all my writer friends on their way to AWP make it there safely and on time to enjoy the conference.

Reading from the chapbook


Kristin invites us to join the circus


3 thoughts on “Experiments in Sound

  1. I had a great time too! And I’m one if those folks who’ll be trying to get to DC in Weds a.m. Maybe the forecasters will be wrong, like they usually are. I hope!

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