Inspired by the Thundersnow (for the Big Tent)

Letting Go

My path is lit only by motion-detected bursts, so the lightning doesn’t startle me at first. I assume it is my failing vision, amplified by blowing snow, that creates these flashes of bluish light, floating for a moment then disappearing. But it keeps coming, shrouded behind darkening clouds, but still brilliant enough to alert my attention away from the shovel blade scraping against the accumulated fall. It glows like a lighthouse as I drift in this swirl of snow, an artificial flare of fluorescent wonder. My back aches, my biceps strain at the handle, the driveway is far from clear, and my husband still drives on treacherous roads, inching toward home. But there is strange comfort in this fury, this flickering sky a reminder of my small place on this earth, a reminder of how little, despite my efforts, I can control.

(Wordle words are in blue. I didn’t use them all this time…)


16 thoughts on “Inspired by the Thundersnow (for the Big Tent)

  1. What I like particularly, and part of what makes this poetic, is the form you chose. I was curious to see how it might break up into free verse and it wouldn’t, not satisfactorily. But, when I read the passage as you have it: magic.

  2. Donna a well written piece describing a snow storm.
    I can hardly remember snow after living in Mexico
    for nine years. But this brought back some vivid memories.

  3. I don’t go out much or far in the snow. Someone else does the shoveling, but you reminded me of when I did it, which was long, long ago. I like the piece and some poems simply resist any form. That doesn’t make them less poetic,


  4. I like this very much Donna, especially the prose poem form. It just works here, I think perhaps because it’s a meditation inside a kind of physical stretch and strain that builds to the letting go. Kind of rearranged something inside me, reading it. Thank you for that.

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