Positive Thinking for the Big Tent

Here’s to the end of single-digit temperatures. This week’s Big Tent Poetry prompt asked us to write ourselves out of something giving us “the blues.” Chicago in February is enough to give anyone the blues.

Warming Trend

Finally, after hours of shivering, heat

blooms in my arteries like the slow

opening of a tropical flower, fantastic-

bright petals spreading from

tiny fisted buds into fanned glory.

This is the way the body works,

insides blossoming and pulsating

with life, even as it sleeps. And isn’t

this the way life works? Duty billows

unchecked, run by the hypothalamus

of the busy world, blowing my helpless

shell from here to there like a stem

wavering in unsteady ground,

wanting only to be rooted, warm.




8 thoughts on “Positive Thinking for the Big Tent

  1. The warmth here stands for much. It seeps. I also like the question “And isn’t

    this the way life works? ” as turning point. And how the “I” becomes like a plant, after winter.

  2. Donna, quite a visual picture your words painted here.
    A tropical flower looking for a place to be warm.
    Living In Chicago must brutal, I am from New York,
    so I know those harsh winters. And I don’t miss
    them one bit.

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