Celebrate good times, come on!

This week’s Big Tent Poetry prompt asked us to write about a holiday, real or imagined. Since I have been feeling particularly blessed lately, I decided to make up my own little holiday called “Everyday.”


The whole calendar swept free of typographical reminders,

we would still rejoice: praise the purple crocus in the snow,

take a walk in the first sun of a Midwest March. It is not

just declarations that make holidays. To roll over,  sleep for

one more hour, to rise and stretch, wallow in the pleasures of

time alone, to rub the cold nose of the dog who begs only to be let

out. These are the true trappings of celebration, the natural delights

of gifts given without return receipt. To revel in the dullness of this

life, its little hopes and promises. Not to wait to be told it is time.


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