A Week Full of Words

It’s been a wonderful week full of words.  And people who love words. And people I love who love words.


Had a great email exchange of drafts with one of my favorite poets/favorite people. Her opinions matter so much to me – I feel lucky to have a friend who is such a generous and amazing writer. I only hope that the feedback I offer to her is half as valuable.


Wrote several new poems – my body series is going well, and I have some other ideas as well. Totally ready for NaPoWriMo. (Although I won’t be posting all of my daily poems, I will be writing them.)


New work up at Referential Magazine with more to come. And my poem “Circumstantial” is a featured web poem from the current issue of Dirtcakes.


A new app on my iPad called Verses. It’s a magnetic poetry-type thing that I really enjoy. And, to top it all off, The Big Tent prompt this week asks us to play with language. I am finally going to try some erasures – I think they are very cool, and I love the print my husband got me for Christmas of an Austin Kleon erasure.


I went to a wedding shower on Saturday – both bride and groom are poets, and their whole registry was poetry books on Amazon and pet accessories for the dog they are adopting after their honeymoon. Shower games included timed magnetic poetry and a Scattergories game that included both literary and wedding categories. And the favors? Lovely bookmarks, journals, and a prize basket that included a finger puppet of Emily Dickinson. Poets are cool.


I plan, once again, to participate in Kelli Russell Agodon’s Big Poetry Giveaway at the end of April – watch the blog for a post on which two books I will be giving away!


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