Day 13: Two Prompts Are Better Than One

Today I used two ideas from Big Tent Poetry – write a poem in which you take something small from your mouth, and write a poem with the phrase “It isn’t true.” In this poem, there is a triple-barbed fish hook in my mouth for some reason. Ouch.

Today’s Poem: Treble-Hook Trap

Today’s Closing Line: “They prepare to make a new hole – the only way out is through.”


Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Demske and hearing him read his strange and wonderful work. It was fun to meet a poet so passionate about his words and so genuinely kind and interested in others. I bought his book Nick Demske, which was the 2010 selection for the Fence Modern Poets series. I plan to spend some serious time with it this weekend. He will be back in the Chicago area in May, so if you missed him, he will be at Unity Temple in Oak Park on Saturday, May 21.


My friend Rachel is writing amazing drafts for NaPoWri Mo. Check them out and be jealous of her mad poetry skills.


4 thoughts on “Day 13: Two Prompts Are Better Than One

    • You deserve it – today’s piece is another winner. Seriously mad skills…no lie.

      I am thinking about a series based on the one I started yesterday where I continue to try and extract dangerous things from my mouth. Yes, I am getting weirder by the day.

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