Day 24: Judgment Day

Happy Easter, everyone! It’s hard to believe that this Easter marks almost the end of April, and true Spring has yet to arrive in the Chicago area. But today is sunny and cool, my favorite hymns were sung at church this morning, and, miraculously, I have managed to keep up with NaPoWriMo this year and even like many of my drafts. So here is today’s -not from a prompt, just from that place where random thoughts occur.

St. Peter Judges Me Prematurely on the First Part of His Checklist


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

The underside of your George Foreman grill boasts

greasy black stains. Crumbs litter your refrigerator

shelves. You do shower every day, keep up with

laundry and occasionally the ironing. The dishwasher

hums as soon as it is filled. Sometimes you do not

vacuum for a week; you tend to blame the dust on

your golden retriever- her dander, her fault.


The Body is a Temple

You jog or walk instead of run. You have never had

a cavity, though you sometimes forget to floss. You

eat well, but your tongue craves sugar, salt, and fat.

You moisturize, exfoliate. You hate the mirror, avoid

photographs.Guilt consumes you when eat a brownie,

skip a workout. Give yourself a break.To hold your

tongue all day, that weight? An exhausting isometric.


Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

You pass this one with flying colors. Not because

you perform charitable acts daily. Not because you

are nurturing and caring (though you are) or because

you put the needs of others before your own (which

you often do). I can tell that you love the world, treat

those you meet with kindness. The reason you pass

this test, my child? You do not love yourself.


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