Day 29: The Home Stretch

This April has been busy, stressful at work, and…a great, big win on the poetry drafts. I not only have kept up with a poem a day, I am actually pleased with what I am writing.  Also, don’t forget that there is one more day to leave a comment for the Big Poetry Giveaway. I will choose a winner on Sunday and get those books in the mail.

I wrote a poem for today called “XXIX” – but I am rather in love with the way it turned out and want to keep it to myself for a while. So instead, here is a draft I wrote earlier after Kathleen Kirk suggested the prompt of “exhaustion” and I was still feeling the effects of staying out late to see Arcade Fire.  Enjoy the poem – the photo is one I took of Arcade Fire at last year’s Lollapalooza.

Between the Flick of the Light and the Start of the Dream

9 PM

The stadium floor sticks to my boots. In the crowd,

faces disappear then glow with cell phone haloes.

The tall singer with arms like construction cranes smooths

the shaved sides of his head. Girl, waving her arms, twirls

her sequined skirt. Circus. Changing players, high-wire

trapeze dance of lasers and colored lights. Music

vibrates my bones, making my limbs shake and shimmy

despite my age. Hair whips wild, hands clap. Something

viscous pulses beneath my skin. Children,wake up. 

12 AM

Wind whistles on the highway, sky threatening rain.

Head back, legs stretched out, glad to be a passenger.

Billboards pass, a flip book of numbing persuasions.

Reason knocks at the brainpan – fire in an arcade

a disturbing thought. My blood thins, and I shiver,

pull my hood up to warm my neck. Every muscle

in my back aches, legs dead from dancing. I deflate.

Three-ring energy fades into desire for sleep.

Six hours until the alarm. Children, don’t grow up.


*Title from “No Cars Go” by Arcade Fire


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