Cradle Songs and Other Sweet Sounds

Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing Stacey Lynn Brown read from her remarkable book Cradle Song. This book-length poem in three voices explores the complicated issues of race in the South through a lens that doesn’t cringe from the tough stuff. I can’t recommend the book enough – I bought it some time ago, and I had forgotten how powerful it was. Hearing her read the work was a real treat. (Not to mention one of the strongest open mics I’ve heard in a long time at Molly Malone’s – a great night of poetry.)

I also couldn’t wait to meet Stacey as she is the co-editor (with Oliver De La Paz) of a new anthology of persona poems that will be released just in time for AWP next year – and I am in it! (along with MANY other amazing poets…) You can visit their Facebook page at the book’s title (A Face to Meet the Faces) for news and updates. I believe a release reading at AWP is in the works…sweet sounds, indeed.

Looking for a great writing exercise before Saturday’s Tow Truck? Head on over to Wordgathering to learn about centos, one of my favorite ways to experiment with the words of others.


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