Look at Me…I’m Versatile!

Thanks are in order to Margo Roby, who has been kind enough to bestow the Versatile Blogger award upon me, which I have humbly accepted. I was very proud that she mentioned learning something here (I am a teacher, after all…), and who could deny a critic who calls your draft poems “stunning?” Not me! (I am a sucker for praise – perhaps from being a middle child? Hmmm…)

There are now evidently some “rules” to follow for this:

• Thank the person who honored you and print a link to their blog. (Done and done.)

• Tell 7 random facts about yourself. (This I will do in a post tomorrow. Random is not a problem for me, and it will be fun.)

• Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. (I have been reading more blogs lately, so I would love to pass it along. But 15 is a lot – I will do my best.)

• Contact each blogger who receives this nomination. (Will do. I hope no one is offended that I think they are versatile.)

• Let the giver of the award know whether you accept it or not. (Um…done.)

As I have only been doing this regularly for about a year, it is nice to know that someone out there is appreciating what I write here. I plan on spending some time this summer writing more about process and revision, writing some reviews, and expanding my repertoire a bit. Hopefully anyone already reading will stay with me, and maybe some new friends will come along, too.

Thanks, Margo! I will start thinking about how to pass it on…


8 thoughts on “Look at Me…I’m Versatile!

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  2. Nice post. Versatile is one of those false friends, French words to beware of: in French, it means fickle, unstable, inconstant.

    But I am positive you are none of those things.

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