Random and Fandom

Okay, yesterday I promised seven random facts about me, as per the rules of the Versatile Blogger badge. But before I do that, I want to honor my first two nominees for the same title.

Wait! I Have a Blog?! is Kathleen Kirk’s place on the web. I initially found Kathleen’s blog after reading her chapbook Broken Sonnets, and it is a daily part of my lunch reading, a little haven of intelligence, humor, and serendipity in the midst of middle school chaos. It is unique in that Kathleen has an uncanny ability to weave book reviews, personal commentary, current events, research, and her own poetry together into seamless, connected essays/posts that always teach me something, make me think, and make me smile. If you are not reading, you are missing something special.

Book of Kells is Kelli Russell Agodon’s blogging home. Again, I started reading Kelli’s blog after reading her book Small Knots. Kelli has regular features, like Confession Tuesdays and Thankful Thursdays, where her commentary on the writing life and her personal life often mesh. She gives wonderful insights and advice into her own processes – drafting, finding time to write, submitting, putting together a manuscript, etc. – with genuine humility and grace. She has a generous spirit (she started the Big Poetry Giveaway project that takes place during National Poetry Month), and I have enjoyed following her excitement about this year’s release of her book Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room. Reading Kelli’s blog is like chatting cross-legged on the couch with a writing pal. Stop by and see for yourself.

Okay, so now the seven random facts – I know the suspense is killing you!

1. I really love to mow the lawn. Really. We have a large lot, and when I am on the riding mower, I am in my own little noisy world of solitude  – not to mention the fact that it creates order from mess instantly and smells so good.

2. I sing along with my music in the car – loudly – and I don’t really care who notices. It is what makes driving fun for me – and now that I have satellite radio in my car, I can choose to be hip and indie or jam to my old 80s hits.(I believe I made a spectacle of myself singing “Red Skies” by The Fixx yesterday morning on the way to work. This morning was no better with “Perfect Drug” by Nine Inch Nails.)

3. I love to take photographs, but I hate to be in them. Too many chins.

4. I am a Harry Potter freak. Seriously, I am going to cry when the last movie comes out. I guess I will have to re-read the books…

5. I play the piano, the guitar, and sing. I could not live a day without music.

6. I have traveled on every continent except Antarctica. It has enriched my life and my perspective more than I could ever explain.

7. I still eat favorite foods from my childhood when I am super stressed:  Spaghettios, grilled cheese, salami wrapped around a pickle, Maurice Lenell butter cookie stars with the dot of sticky jam in the middle. It makes me feel protected and safe.

So there you have it – seven random facts that you probably didn’t really need to know! And I will be sharing other favorite bloggers for the rest of the week!


4 thoughts on “Random and Fandom

  1. I love those butter cookies. The jam looks like stained glass (of course, when you get the ones in the tin at Walgreens, the jam is almost as hard as glass)
    There was a movie a while ago about an old codger who set off done the highway on his lawn mower. You still have some decades before you reach that status, but you could give yourself a head start by thinking about how to customize your ride.

    • I know, those hard centers were the best. You eat the cookie around them and then roll them around in your mouth. I will have to start thinking about pimping my lawnmower.

  2. Thank you, Donna. I loved your facts. I am imagining you singing in the car! (And this might inspire me to reveal as one of my seven facts something I do in the car….) Connecting on the chins, and on singing at the piano. Must learn to ride a riding mower!! And am recalling the taste of SpaghettiOs right now–tomato and can.

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