People and Places You Should Know – Continued

I intended to write this post much earlier, but a huge POP meant a blown transformer fuse on our block, and we were without electricity for several hours. It was a good excuse to do some house work, some yard work, and actually write a whole poem in my Moleskin, which hasn’t happened in a while. Usually I keep notes, lines, ideas in there and then arrange and finish composing on the computer, so it was a good feeling to move the pen around again. It is a strange draft including mentions of my convertible, Morrissey lyrics, comas, and green lights. I like it.

Yesterday, as part of the Versatile Blogger rules,  I recommended the blogs of Kathleen Kirk and Kelli Russell Agodon, and today I will go through several more. These are blogs I read regularly, as quickly as a new post comes into my Google Reader. I will talk about three today, and hopefully will get around to reviewing a few more this week.

Hannah Stephenson’s blog The Storialist posts a new poem everyday that is inspired by artwork she has found on the web. I find it exhausting enough to try a poem a day for a month, and she writes wonderful pieces daily ALL YEAR. One of my favorites is called “Dance Stupider.” She is also a singer/songwriter, and she posts video poems on Fridays. She exhausts me with her creative energy and is an extremely inspiring person to read. Stop by and you will see.

I also enjoy Poet Mom, January Gill O’Neil’s blog, for her very natural, friendly mix of news about balancing her writing life with her family life. I had the pleasure of reviewing her book Underlife for a virtual blog tour when it was released, and she is currently working on another manuscript in the midst of raising two young children and having a whirlwind of a year promoting her book. She is quite genuine and makes me feel less guilty when I am busy and writing falls by the wayside, as it happens to her as well.

The last one for today is Barbara Young at BriarCat. This woman writes more poems a week than I can possibly fathom. She posts many of her drafts, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. I “met” Barbara first at the now-defunct ReadWritePoem, and she is a generous and supportive fellow writer. You can read her Pushcart-nominated poem “24” here.

That’s it for today – if you tried today’s Tow Truck exercise using the periodic table, don’t forget to post a link for me!

2 thoughts on “People and Places You Should Know – Continued

  1. Glad to know of these blogs, and I already read The Storialist! And have visited Poet Mom!

    We had a POP, too, but power was only off for an instant. I think it was a squirrel.

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