Poetry Tow Truck 21: Line by Line

Today is May 21, and this is the 21st Poetry Tow truck post – serendipitous, no?  Today’s prompt is a little crazy, so bear with me. I tend to write short poems, which you know if you have been here before reading my drafts. These poems often end up between twelve and fourteen lines, which some may call “modern” sonnets. Following the prompt below, write your own 14-line modern sonnet with these rules:

1. Maintain the traditional ten-syllable line requirement of an Elizabethan sonnet.

2. Include the directed words/images/ideas in each listed line.

Line 1 – A line from a familiar prayer or song

Line 2- the name of a fruit or vegetable

Line 3 – At least one three-syllable word

Line 4 – a line of dialogue

Line 5 – an auditory image

Line 6 –  specific name of a place

Line 7 – pop culture reference

Line 8 – a fear or something forgotten

Line 9 – a favorite childhood toy

Line 10 – an imperative

Line 11 – a household object

Line 12 – an alliterative phrase

Lines 13 and 14 – rhyming couplet


Here is my attempt:

Lead us not into temptation, the first

bite of a ripe peach dribbling on our chins.

Let us investigate deprivation

instead. Why should we sacrifice pleasure?

you ask, its seductive clang and clatter,

its never-dark Vegas, its sad strip clubs,

its Britney dance hooks auto-tuned and hot.

If not, then we may forget the word earned,

forget the simple joy of a Frisbee.

Stop looking for the next-best trend. Pick up

the broom. Send those unnecessary crumbs

to the dustpan, that dirty detritus,

that luxury. Our daily bread rises –

such yearning its yeasty scent disguises.

16 thoughts on “Poetry Tow Truck 21: Line by Line

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