Thinking about my childhood…

…and remembering long summer days when we only went inside to use the bathroom (the girls, anyway). Hour after hour, we played  in the sun – no sunscreen, no bottled water. Just hats and shady trees and drinking cold metallic heaven straight from the garden hose before we hooked it back to the sprinkler. We had no air conditioning, just box fans in the bedroom windows, and we spent the day drenched in sweat, scratching our mosquito bites, scraping our knees and elbows, getting dirty and bruised, and we were never happier.

After spending this very hot day with 200 seventh graders at Great America, I am convinced that kids no longer have this type of freedom or fortitude. And it makes me sad.


4 thoughts on “Thinking about my childhood…

  1. I LOVE this post–I too remember absolute freedom in the 70’s. We played in drainage ditches and if we were really lucky, my dad left the pop-up camper for us to use as our fort.

    My mom was a big believer in fresh air and sunshine and didn’t care if we went barefoot all summer. Every photo of me from childhood shows a sunburn, unless it was the dead of winter.

    I’m on the lookout for the skin cancers that will probably result, but I sure do miss those days. I’d love to hop on a bike and ride to the end of my neighborhood right now–without a helmet, without sunscreen!

    • Aah, so you are younger than me – I would have to say 60s and 70s! I think it’s a shame that kids now don’t just play – especially not outside – and everything is labeled as dirty or dangerous.

  2. Kids don’t have that kinds of freedom. There are too many scary people out there. Everything is too close to a major road. My kids also seem to have no common sense when it comes to not killing themselves. I want them to have freedom to play. Last time I gave them complete freedom, their Nerf gun got stolen after 5 minutes. It makes me sad as well.

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