Resistance is Futile: Submission Tuesday

Kathleen Kirk’s post earlier this week in praise of Captain Jean Luc Picard brought to mind the Borg, the best Star Trek villains ever. They traveled in an amazing cube and functioned with a hive mind. Their catchphrase was “resistance is futile,” and since we have an ornament that says this on our Christmas tree every year, it makes me smile. Something I have been resisting…new submissions.

So, having spent the better part of the last week frantically writing new work, I decided that today would be a good day to take a break and get out some summer submissions. After this afternoon, I have five new sets of poems out, and I am still waiting on answers from several others sent earlier in the spring.

I have a great week coming up – tomorrow, I have a writing date with Kristin LaTour at the Art Institute of Chicago, the perfect combination of one of my favorite people and one of my favorite places. And Thursday, I will spend my birthday with my mom, who still spoils me as if I am a child.


10 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile: Submission Tuesday

  1. I scored a box set at Big Lots not long ago, of all the Star Trek Borg episodes from TNG, Voyager and Enterprise. I wonder if the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) was the only character/actress to “crossover” from a ST film to a ST series?

  2. P.S.: Got a few new leads at West Chester for journals, most of which are more formal-verse oriented: Able Muse, 32 Poems, Verse Wisconsin, and Lucid Rhythms, for example. I have to get off my duff and start submitting more too. I did enter the Tiferet poetry contest recently though. Have you ever submitted to US1 Worksheets, the Princeton-area journal? Their deadline is June 30 – check ’em out, I think they’d love your work.

    • I have heard of US1 Worksheets…I am going to get out one more round of poems early next week – I will check them out. And I wrote a sonnet I like the other day…part of the Lowell/Bishop inspired set of poems I’m working on. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Donna, your title “Resistance is Futile” pulled me right here to your blog entry, and what should I find but me and Picard together in the same sentence. A thousand time, thanks!

    Yay for you on the new writing, the new submissions, and the writing date. And Happy Birthday!!!

    Also yearning for some good poetry news here. Sigh… For one thing, it’s mid-June, and shouldn’t all those places that have had stuff since January be telling me something?!

    • I know, right? There are a few that I should be hearing from soon, so I am trying to be patient. (And thank you for your Picard post – way better than Kirk – the captain, not you, of course!)

  4. Funny you should mention submissions… I’ve just begun pondering some submissions, but am really new to the idea. I’ve submitted to a few contests but am curious to try submitting to a few magazines. If you have any advice or back issues of magazines I should consider, I’d love to hear it. I joined writers market, so I have contact info. Just have never put together a query/submission package before.

    Good luck with your submissions!

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