Lazy Sunday

No, not the hilarious SNL song. (Although feel free to take a minute to go listen…)  I finally am taking a day to sit back and digest the many things that have given me joy this week. It seems these things are happening in twos.

I have two new collaborative projects about to begin, one with several other poets/artists and one with a writer and person I have long admired. More on both projects as they actually begin…don’t want to give too much away!

I took two days to revamp the look of my website – it looks much cleaner and more contemporary now -and it’s easier to read.

I attended two poetry readings this week – one at Cafe Ballou in Chicago in honor of poet/host David Hargarten’s birthday where we were all given directions to read either our own pieces that were his favorites or to read his work in our voices. It was a fun evening, involving some off-color remarks about a sock puppet that collects the donations for the feature. On a very different note, I also attended the Rhino Reads! series at Brothers K Coffeeshop in Evanston. There were three features with distinct and disparate voices, which was a treat – Susan Yount (editor of Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal) read from her soon-to-be-released chapbook House on Fire (Tilt Press). Visceral stuff. Check it out. Other readers included David Scronce (visiting from California), whose humor and openness of spirit delighted the audience, and Joshua Corey, who read from his book of modern sonnets called Severance Songs.

Two of our relatives stopped by on a surprise visit from Florida. We don’t see them often, so this was indeed a treat.

I had two birthday meals – one with my parents and one with friends – that made me feel loved and appreciated, although old.

And today was the 26th Poetry Tow Truck post, getting me officially one-half of the way through the year! (1/2 has a 2 in it…it’s a stretch, I know.)  I was concerned about keeping up with making a weekly commitment to the prompts for a year, but I think I will be able to make it. At the end of December, I will have to choose something new to post weekly – the prompts are fun, but after I complete 52 of them, I believe a break will be in order. (I will take a note from Kathleen Kirk, who successfully changed her blog from a “what are you reading?” post a day to several clever new categories…)

Oh, and I got to eat TWO of my mother’s homemade raspberry streusel muffins for breakfast this morning. Told you this weekend was a good one!

Not my mom's, but it looks pretty close...


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. You have absolutely earned some down time…enjoy!

    Your redecorated site looks fantastic–love the look and layout.

    Glad to hear so many pairs of things are opening up for you…

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