Looking Ahead

This week has been a time for looking forward in many ways. I will be leaving this weekend for a workshop in Iowa City with Daniel Khalastchi, looking at the challenges and mechanics of putting together a full-length manuscript. My time in Iowa is always fruitful -lots of time alone to write, an atmosphere that encourages creativity, and engaging conversations with people who like to think about words as much as I do.

I like to sit here and people-watch and write- the Old Capitol on the U of Iowa campus.

I am looking forward to seeing who has received the Reflex notebook for its second entry and anxiously awaiting my turn.(If you haven’t read about this collaborative project, you can do so here.)

Looking at the calendar, the rest of my summer from here out is filled with fun and friends: music festivals (Pitchfork and Lollapalooza), foodie barbecues, poetry readings, proper English football (Manchester United coming to play in Chicago), and hopefully some lovely days of reading and writing on the deck in sunny weather.

And, last but not least, I am looking forward to returning to the classroom this fall after my brief experience as a dean of students last year. So, although I shouldn’t be looking forward to school in July (and I will miss my summer when it is gone), I am excited about teaching in August.

So, onward. I will be posting from Iowa if my brain doesn’t explode from all of the writing energy!


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