The Reckoning

Seven readers. Seven sets of opinions. Seven sets of eyes and ears. One silent poet listening.

Today was my turn in the manuscript workshop. Although it was evident that there are things for me to fine tune and work out, I was pleased to hear that most people felt the collection was working as a whole, and I am looking forward to my conference tomorrow with our instructor, Danny Khalastchi, to hear his perspective more clearly.

It was also painfully evident that there were readers in the class who did not care for the book at all, which I realize is a good thing. Honesty is the best policy, and all that. But it is a bit uncomfortable to sit there and watch a class member who usually talks a lot say NOTHING- an obvious clue that their written comments will not be positive. But that is the way the world of writing will work – some books you like, and some you don’t.

If nothing else, I learned that the poems people found less successful were the older poems in the collection, which I will choose to view as an indication that I am getting better and honing my skills. (Keep your sunny side up – isn’t that the old saying?)

It has been a long day, and the dreary rain is making me drowsy. Soon I will leave this little coffee shop where I had dinner and head back to the hotel where I plan to think a little about the manuscript before moving on to other writing for a while. I have heard that Howl is free on Hulu, so I may put that on my computer for some inspiration.

Now that I have some perspective on this thing I am calling a book, maybe I will actually get up the courage to send it out!

Today’s Writing Soundtrack so far…
Frank Turner –England Keep My Bones
Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys
Neko Case – Middle Cyclone
Portugal, the Man – American Ghetto


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