Out in the Streets

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be the last day of my workshop already. Although the week has gone quickly, I am satisfied with the attention I was able to give to things that needed complete focus – reordering the manuscript, close line revisions, and editing. The atmosphere here just accepts people writing everywhere, reading everywhere – someone in my class even got out of a ticket by saying she was late for poetry class! (Can you imagine that happening in Chicago? I think not.)

Tonight and tomorrow, I will try to make some minor adjustments to the book order (thinking of trying some contest submissions that have late August deadlines) and then try to get another round of individual poem submissions in order. Part of our conversation tomorrow will be regarding the contest scene for manuscripts, and I am interested to hear what Danny has to say, since his book Manoleria was a prize winner from Tupelo Press.

I will leave you today with more examples of Iowa City street art – literally, art embedded in the street. (And it is a college town, so one amusing piece of pop-culture graffiti art as well…)

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