On the Road Again

Well, not until tomorrow, but you get the idea.  My week in Iowa is over, but it was a good one. Writing time. (Repeat that one several times.) Sunny weather. Rainy weather. Exercise. Whitey’s ice cream. An old dude in full pirate gear walking around the ped mall. 9 cent -44 ounce fountain drinks. Coffee shops with free wifi and free iced tea for writers.

I have decided that, after some minor tweaks, I am going to bite the bullet and send the manuscript out to a few places. Then while I wait (and wait and wait) to hear back, I will continue to work on new poems and new projects. Forward march.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give proper thanks not only to my classmates and my awesome instructor, Danny Khalastchi, but to my family at home who has allowed me this luxury of a “writing retreat” for many years now. Their support is the biggest reason I believe in myself in this often too solitary endeavor. So, for them, a fuzzy photo of how I spent much of my week (taken by a classmate during one of our lunch breaks). Until next year…

On a bench by the river.


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