I love the smell of school supplies in the morning…

I can barely resist diving into the cardboard containers of markers and 70-page notebooks at every local store as if they were those plastic ball pits for kids. I have to restrain myself from buying colorful pocket folders and shiny packages of pushpins and Sharpies. I have been putting my classroom in order, and I feel good about starting the year with a few ways of encouraging poetry.

A bulletin board for a “spotlight” poem that will change every few weeks, starting with Edward Hirsch’s “Fall.” (Its familiar images connected to a more mature point of view is a perfect starting poem for the year.) A boatload of magnetic poetry tiles spread out on the front of my metal desk. A table where the classroom iPad is loaded with Poetry Flow, Poetry.org, and Verses, an iPad version of magnetic poems that can be saved or emailed before they are rearranged. Shelves of poetry books. Plans to have students correspond with some of the authors of Spotlight poems. Much to look forward to…

I am also looking forward to teaching two periods of American History. Exploration. Exploitation of Native Cultures. Colonization. Revolution. Constitution. Expansion. Division. Lots of interesting -tions. And great opportunities for comparing then to now. Let seventh grade begin again…


4 thoughts on “I love the smell of school supplies in the morning…

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a great set up for the kids. And seventh grade is such a rough year. I have much respect for you, taking care of those kids at that age.

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