Poetry Tow Truck 34: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Most people remember this phrase as a standard back-to-school writing assignment which then led to a boring class period of hearing about everyone’s visits to the zoo or the pool or their great-aunt Nellie’s house in Michigan. Today, let’s tweak the old assignment into something a bit more challenging.  Read through the guiding questions below as a way into a poem – stop whenever you get a strong idea, or answer them all to get a wealth of material to work from. It’s up to you.

1. How does your job change in the summer? Does it? Does the way you feel about your job change in summer? (Obviously, for me, summers are my recharging time away from the classroom. So summer jobs for me were things of my high school years, mostly spent working at the local park district/pool.)

2. Summer for most people means more time outside. What was your favorite outdoor spot of the summer? Of summers past? Did you try something new outdoors this season? What about summer outside do you NOT enjoy? (I love sitting on our deck with my husband, and I do so love to mow the lawn. I am not particularly fond of the number of bugs – including locusts – that we have had this year with the rainy weather and the high heat. A bad combination.)

3. What music means summer to you? It could be your favorite, windows-down song of this year or songs that you associate with summers gone by. Or just a type of music that you seem to enjoy more in the summer than other times of the year. (This year, my favorite summer songs were “Waste” by Foster the People and “Walk” by Foo Fighters. And yes, I sing in the car, and I don’t care who sees me.)

So I have several possibilities to work with – I think I might try to write about singing in the car.


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