I’ve got to admit, it’s getting better…

A few days back in the classroom has done wonders for me. I am enjoying the eagerness and enthusiasm of the kids (who are still in their back-to-school honeymoon phase), the planning, the collegiality, and the feeling of belonging that I missed last semester as a temporary administrator. I am sleeping better, eating better – I am more myself than I was for six months of last year.

And , although I haven’t been doing as much new writing as I would like the past few weeks, my writing life has not been boring. I just received an acceptance from Caesura, a beautiful journal out of California that I admire. I sent the full-length manuscript out into the world to three contests, and I have two chapbooks forthcoming (one from Maverick Duck Press and one with Chicago book artist Matt Barton’s Naked Mannekin imprint).

And I am competing on Friday in Chicago’s third annual Poetry Pentathlon to defend my title. (I won the first event, then served as a judge last year.) To read about the event, check out this Voice Alpha post from last year. This year’s five events are: zombie poem, sestina, rant, a performance of Eliot’s “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and a poem that will be written to a prompt during the evening’s festivities.

A little better all the time.


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