The power of a mouse

I was doing some poking around on my stats page today, and a Tow Truck post that I innocently named “Shake it Up” has a ridiculous number of hits – almost 300 in the four days after it was posted -and is still getting consistent views daily. Now, I know that some of you find my prompts fascinating, but I knew there had to be a reason that this number was so high. After a quick Google investigation, the reason was clear.

Since I am not a 9-year-old girl (nor do I have one in my house), I did not realize that Shake It Up was the name of a dance show on the Disney Channel. This makes the hundreds of weekend hits suddenly make perfect sense. This is the blogger’s new secret weapon to increase site stats!

So name all of your posts after Disney Channel shows. Stay tuned for future articles entitled So Random, The Suite Life, and Sonny with a Chance. 


3 thoughts on “The power of a mouse

  1. One of my backup blogs, for testing how things look and so forth, is my grandmother’s maiden name, Cullen. When the first Twilight movie came out, I discovered the power of Google, and the ire of juvenile vampire fans.

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