Diligence is the mother of good luck.

I feel very lucky lately. I would like to think that, like Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s quote in the title of this post, my diligence has had something to do with that. But it is more likely that I am the recipient of some plain, old-fashioned horseshoe kind of luck that occasionally finds us all.

First, my chapbook with Naked Mannekin Press is now officially done!  Come Out, Virginia is a collection of coming-of-age poems that are placed very clearly in the 70s, Catholic school, and the suburbs. Chicago poet/publisher/book artist Matt Barton collected and manipulated photographs of me from that era for the book. Here is the cover:

Come Out, Virginia cover

I am in love with this cover. It is so clear that I am unsteady on those rockin’ wedge sandals, such a nice metaphor for adolescence. And the gold tones evoke the seventies and a sense of nostalgia perfectly. Also, my junior yearbook photo, Catholic school uniform and all, was used for the About the Author page:

Author page - not as dark as this shows!

Pretty funny, huh? The book is on lovely, heavy paper, and Matt gave a lot of thought to the layout, with titles and poems on facing pages so that the poems are all framed in their own little worlds. I couldn’t be happier with the results.  As of right now, you can get it directly from me in person, but I am working on a way to get it to people through Paypal, if anyone is interested.

Also, Nic Sebastian’s video triptych project Propolis with filmmaker Swoon and musician Kathy McTavish, featuring my poem “When I Don’t Love You Anymore is a Wasp” and poems from Lisa Cihlar and David Tomaloff, is now live!  Go here to watch the delicious and dark series of three short videopoems.

And, one of my “pet” poems, a villanelle entitled “A Pragmatist’s Response to Rogers and Hammerstein,” has finally found a home and will be appearing in the new issue of Tilt-A-Whirl scheduled to publish this weekend. This is an offshoot of Umbrella Poetry Journal which publishes poems that use repeating forms.

Not to mention that my nanopress project of editing Dana Guthrie Martin’s Diagnostic Impressions is now coming to the “find the cover art and start getting it ready to publish” stage. Exciting stuff. I am certainly a lucky woman when it comes to poetry lately. (Not to mention that I have an astounding husband, an awesome kid, a great job, and a loving circle of family and friends. That’s pretty lucky, too.)


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