Weekend Wrap-Up

I have had a quiet weekend, but a good one. My husband is out of town, so I had lots of time for things I wouldn’t normally get done. Good workouts both days. Ate a little pizza. Talked to my son, who actually said, “Love you, too,” before he hung up. Spent the afternoon with my parents playing Scrabble and watching the Bears lose. Mowed the lawn. Went shopping and found some new clothes. (And got a free metallic gold tote bag that two of my younger colleagues will battle over on Monday.)   🙂  Took a walk around the lake with the dog – fall is definitely here.

But mostly, the house was quiet and the television was off, so I got some writing-related work completed.  I visited my villanelle about Rogers and Hammerstein’s advice up at Tilt A Whirl, a Journal of Repeating Forms. I wrote a couple of new drafts for a series of nightmare poems. I recorded the poems for my nanopress project with Dana Guthrie Martin. I did some freewriting. I updated my website and wrote the next few Tow Truck prompts. I worked on a presentation for the Winter Wheat Writing Conference at Bowling Green University, where I am presenting with my friend and fellow poet Kristin LaTour in November. I sighed at the mailbox, waiting patiently for Reflex to arrive. (I am the last collaborator in Round One…). Worked on trying to figure out how to add Paypal to my website so that I can get the new chapbook to people who don’t live in the area. (Fail on that so far.)

Now tonight, I am half watching some tv while I finish grading a few papers and getting organized for classes this week. Due to standardized testing, my week starts off pretty calm, which is rare. I’m wrapping it up. And it was a good one.


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