Ghosts in the Post

Earlier this year, I read Dave  Bonta’s poem “If There Were Such Things As Ghosts” and knew it would be perfect to share with my seventh grade students around Halloween. I asked Dave if he would mind receiving some correspondence from the kids, and he graciously agreed to do so.

We read Dave’s poem, which is a wonderfully original imagining of a ghost’s habits and actions, and the kids were asked to write their own poems about something supernatural using Dave’s poem as inspiration. Some kids went home and looked up Dave’s blog on their own and were impressed that he writes every day in the Morning Porch section, and they were intrigued that he lives in the mountains, which is so different from their lives in an affluent suburb.

To encourage them to use strong imagery, we planned to put the poems into postcards that would be mailed to Dave.  Students searched Creative Commons images on Flickr to find images that enhanced their words, and they then put text onto the images using Picnik.

Today, they wrote notes to Dave and the postcards will go in the good old US Mail tomorrow. They are pretty amazing little projects. I love my job.

8 thoughts on “Ghosts in the Post

  1. I am honored. Can’t wait to see the cards! Might have to break our rule about only going to the PO once a week (we’re beyond the reach for rural free delivery).

    I do hope your students understand that real poets can and must live in the suburbs, too — and that their teacher is every bit my equal as a writer.

  2. I got the cards! Wonderful stuff, with lots of memorable lines and genuine insights. I’ve drafted a letter to the class in which I do answer nearly every question (which isn’t as impressive as it sounds since many of them asked variations on the same questions). I’ll give it another read-through tomorrow before I send it to you — electronically, I guess, so you can make copies for everyone.

    • Awesome! Yes, I knew many of the questions were the same, but I wanted them to ask what they were curious about. Email answer would be fine – more than fine. I know that the kids will be pleased to hear your thoughts!

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