“All the Dictators of my Youth Are Dying…”

Tomorrow’s prompt deals with “stealing” ideas from other writers. And this week, I found myself doing just that. Awesome writer and all- around cool guy Brent Mesick posted the line “All the dictators of my youth are dying” as his Facebook status the other day, and I asked if I could borrow that line for a poem. He said yes.

A couple of hours later, I had a draft that started with that line and spoke of not only dictators but also of the demise of other scary things in my youth. I am still tinkering with the poem, but here is the first stanza. Thanks, Brent.


All the dictators of my youth are dying, on the big screens of televisions

and on the small screens of cell phones, at the bottoms of oceans, swathed

in rags, covered in blood, exposed, deposed, all the power drained from

their very human limbs. Statues topple. Flags wave. Someone checks a list.



3 thoughts on ““All the Dictators of my Youth Are Dying…”

  1. Your blog has been very inspiring this week. Your last post about ghosts prompted me to think about Halloween images and the RIFs going on at my office (and led to a poem and probably several), and today’s post will circle around in my brain too–and I’m certain some lines will come. Thanks!

  2. Good post, Donna. As for me, I don’t need to see the brutal scenes of death. It is enough for me to know the result. I look away from the TV screen oftentimes.

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