A Letter is a Joy of Earth – It is denied the Gods

Rachel's awesome poem

The title quote from Emily Dickinson is one that I have been thinking about this week. The mail (the old kind – paper, stamps, and postcards) has been full of delights and surprises.

Dave Bonta has received all 51 of the postcard poems my class sent to Pennsylvania, and they are eagerly awaiting the letter he is writing to address their many, curious questions. It is wonderful to see how they are so engaged in sending and receiving correspondence. It was also a little sad to learn how many of them had never addressed and mailed a postcard. 😦

Then I received a postcard in the mail featuring the awesome work of Rachel Bunting from the latest issue of Tuesday: An Art Project, a journal that features postcard poems wrapped in a broadside. A personal note from Rachel and her great poem about Rumplestiltskin made my day. A nice note from a poet who had purchased and read my most recent chapbook was another lovely surprise. She appreciated the 70s references and said she felt like she was present for some of the moments in the book, which I appreciated.

I also received notice that my bundle of chapbooks from Kristy Bowen’s Dancing Girl Press (5 handmade chapbooks for 25 dollars – go buy some now!) has been mailed, so checking the mail box has become an exciting daily adventure.

Some fun emails from friends and colleagues rounded out this week as well, but nothing beats ripping open an envelope or turning over a postcard to reveal the labor of someone’s pen, sending you their thoughts and wishes.


8 thoughts on “A Letter is a Joy of Earth – It is denied the Gods

  1. So glad to read about all this mail, poetry, and Emily D! Thank you! I did the August poetry postcard project this past summer, and so did a writer friend here in town who attends my poetry workshop. She just got a late postcard from that last week and was delighted all over again! I am going to send some “snail mail” today!

  2. I keep stumbling across Rachel Bunting on other people’s blogs, and really must make the effort to follow more closely, because: that poem is AMazing, with a capital AM. (And also very flesh-crawly. It’s tough to do good flesh-crawly poetry.) Thank you for sharing this.

    And also, viva the snail-mail!

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