Voodoo Fest Visions

New Orleans with family was fun and certainly a wealth of inspiration, especially our visit to the Lower 9th Ward. And the music was great!  I will have more to share later this week, but for now, here is a photo of the ridiculously joyous Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and some lines about memorable scenes from Voodoo Music Festival.

Mark Hoppus loves to play the bass!

The food kiosks hawk redbeans and rice, andouille and oysters, alligator on a stick.

A thready cirrus cloud of pot hangs over the Snoop Dogg crowd.

The Toyota Green Energy playground starts off as fun then becomes a vomitorium.

Stormtroopers dance with Muppets and Angry Birds and a posse of zombies.

The masseuse who works my shoulders bares vampire fangs, and security guards ooze, “Go ‘head, baby” in a slow, sweet drawl.

A Japanese rock band chants a song about tacos.

And, on the way out, a girl with rainbow dreadlocks and a ring in her nose holds an insulated lunch box and yells, “Jello shots. One dollar. Just vodka. No rufees. It’s Sunday, y’all.”


3 thoughts on “Voodoo Fest Visions

    • Thanks, Barb! I took about 1500 photos, so it will take me a while to sift through them before I post a slideshow. That photo is so Mark Hoppus – the whole band is infectious, and I love them. My favorite show of the weekend…

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