Rock and Roll Photos, Part Two: Blink-182

One of the highlights of Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans was the Blink-182 show on Saturday night. My son has been a superfan of Blink since he was a little boy, and we both love the new release Neighborhoods. Watching them play music we love (both new and old) and have so much fun onstage made me smile for the rest of the weekend.

I may take a hit from indie music friends who think that Blink is “over” or  uncool. I don’t care. I still smile when I look at these pictures. And I listened to Neighborhoods again today in the car. You should go listen, too.

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2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Photos, Part Two: Blink-182

    • Thanks, Jo. I shoot from the audience and try to take advantage of the idea that taking many shots will give me at least a few good ones… I wish that I had access to shoot closer, as I’m only 5″4″ and often shooting in between shoulders… Also hope you won’t be disappointed if most posts here are about poetry, although most of the photos on the blog are my own. Cheers!

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