Poetry Tow Truck 47: By the Numbers


Everyone has a favorite number, a lucky number, a number that is meaningful to them in some way beyond its mathematical significance. Perhaps a special date. Or the number of the jersey of the boy you loved in high school. Or the address of the house where you grew up.  That’s where we will begin today.

Choose a number that has some significance to you. (I will choose 22, the day of my son’s birthday.)  Look the number up on Wikipedia. Seriously. Go do it right now. You will find something like this:

Skim through the facts and cultural ideas associated with your number. I am intrigued by the following 22-related facts:

  • There are 22 stars in the Paramount Films logo
  • Most TV sitcoms run 22 minutes with no commercials.
  • Two little ducks in Bingo parlance
  • Along with the % sign, URL format for quotation marks
Now try to work some of your new numerical knowledge into a new poem, or insert it into an old one.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Tow Truck 47: By the Numbers

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