Autumn. The language stands up and raises its hand.

This weekend, I attended the Winter Wheat Writing Festival at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I also gave a presentation on prompts for writers with Kristin LaTour. The conference, run by the editors of Mid-American Review, was well-attended, friendly, and geared toward a balance of academic learning and creation of new work. I enjoyed the sessions I attended, two of which were on the “debate” about prose poem/flash fiction and two on bringing science and anatomy into poems, which were really interesting. The conference also had a wonderful mix of college students, professors, and writers outside academia. Six new drafts (at least) from the weekend made it educational and fruitful. And affordable. I hope to present again next year.

And, in case you were wondering, I have NOT lost my mind or my calendar. You DID get two Tow Truck prompts on Saturday, mostly because my son will be home this weekend, and I would like to spend my time focused on family and not worried about getting a post out.  With only four or so Tow Truck prompts left to go, I am losing steam on writing good prompts and looking forward to inspiring readers from a different angle in 2012.  (I am currently planning two “features” a week that could serve as sparks for writing…stay tuned.)


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