Thinking Through My Fingers

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. – Isaac Asimov

Thinking through my fingers has been my motto this month. I have written 18-20 drafts in November, not quite a poem a day, but close enough to make me start to write regularly again. I am pleased with some drafts and not with others, but that is as it should be.  I have a boatload of submissions out at journals and refuse to be discouraged about rejections. (And, oh, there are rejections.)

I participated in an interesting reading last week. It took place at a TGIFriday’s restaurant on a Tuesday night. Twelve very diverse poets, including Billy Tuggle and Gregorio Gomez, read sets of 7-10 minutes each, backed by a great improvisational rock band called Three Piece and a Biscuit. The evening was organized by Chicago poet Esteban Colon, and it was quite a rousing success. At first, the patrons and servers seemed a bit confused by the presence of a band of poets and musicians taking over the corner nearest the bathroom. Reading with music behind me was a great experience, something I wouldn’t mind trying again. Thanks to Esteban for putting this event together and bringing poetry to the masses, a passion of his. Here is a photo…

Does my scarf count as flair?

I am looking forward to the Birthday Bash at Chicago’s Fine Arts Building again this year, reading with almost 30 poets on December 9th. And the Poetry and Prose Getaway in New Jersey cannot come quickly enough in January. And the upcoming holidays are always a respite from the usual work stress and daily routine. Through it all, I continue to move the thoughts around like a three-card monte con artist, trying to pick the right card.


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