This and That

Five more mornings to wake up and face the increasingly inattentive teens at work. The onset of cold weather and the first snow has escalated winter break fever into high gear at the middle school, and I’m afraid I have caught the bug myself. It has also been an incredibly busy poetry time, so hopefully this post will catch up on some of the craziness of the last two weeks.

Among several rejections from journals, I was very excited to have a poem accepted by Linebreak. It is one of my favorite journals, and I am honored that they chose my work to be one of the 52 poems they publish over the course of the year. I also have work forthcoming in THIS Literary Magazine, and I hope to have more good news soon.

Friday night, I had the pleasure of being one of 30 readers at the Fine Arts Building’s Third Annual Birthday Bash in Chicago. Ten floors of musicians, dancers, artists, small presses, and a large room full of poetry for 4 hours. A wonderful arty evening.

Saturday, thanks to the offer of a ride from Kristin LaTour, I finally made it to a Vox Ferus workshop. Led by the wondeful Marty McConnell, a small group of writers met to discuss an intriguing poem by Simone Muench, complete a free writing exercise designed by Marty, and then workshop poems by three group members who had brought new work.  What a wonderful model for inclusiveness in the world of poetry. I hope to return again.

This week, my son will be home from college. The wind will blow cold. The students will be restless. And I will be writing, inspired by blessings as varied as each snowflake that falls to the ground.

Christmas Tree - Long Exposure


7 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Yes, I know what you mean! Tis the season. My children are grown, but the same restlessness comes . . .
    and the sense of urgency.
    And some good news with the magazines and mostly just no news-which I am beginning to suspect is now a form or rejection.

    Enjoy the season!

  2. Boredom & play are good partners!

    Congrats on the poem (I shall go have a read), and thanks for leaving the Tow Truck open. I need some inspiration for next year.

    Merry holidays & all the good that you can hold.

  3. Yay on your acceptances and the coming joy of your son home! (Me, too, soon!) Oh, I love your long tree exposure! As I scrolled down I thought it was strings, with little ties in them, glowing…!

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