No Loss

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

As of today, I have sent my manuscript to two contests this year. Both with no positive results. Yet I am prepared to take another look and resend in January after some research and revision. Although I have received some exciting acceptances in the past few weeks, they have been outnumbered by the rejections. No matter. I will send out new rounds to journals while I am home on break.

I would be lying if I said that these failures weren’t disappointing. I would be delusional if I thought that every piece I submitted would be accepted. So, although my enthusiasm may waver back and forth like the needle on a geiger counter, it never completely goes away. Especially when I have the opportunity to be surrounded by such a wonderful, supportive poetry community.

To that end, below are a few photos from last week’s reading at the Fine Arts Building. It was one of the first readings I’ve done where I felt rehearsed enough to look up at the audience more often instead of down at my text. No failure there.  And in the next couple of months, my life will be full of poetry goodness. A double feature with Kristin LaTour at Myopic Books in Chicago. My favorite writing conference, the Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway. And in late February, AWP coming to Chicago, where I hope to personally shake the hands of some editors and poets I only “know” online. Enthusiasm? Definitely not lost.


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