Poetry Tow Truck 51: Aliens Exist?

Area 51 has long been a hotbed of conspiracy theory – is it just an Air Force base, or does it hide alien technology, weather control, and other inexplicable phenomena?

Television, movies, literature, and even pop music have long exploited the idea that Area 51 is a place where aliens have been captured and studied, the idea that we have been visited by creatures from another galaxy. Whether you subscribe to the theory that aliens exist or not, today we will use this idea for a new poem.

Option One: Abduction

Television shows like South Park and rock bands like Blink-182 and The Killers have all taken on the subject of abduction with great success. Imagine being abducted – it doesn’t have to be by aliens. You could be abducted by spiders, or cardinals, or friends from high school. How do you react? What happens? How are you changed when you return?



Option Two: Other Worlds

When we think of aliens, we often think of other planets, other worlds that have evolved far away from ours and usually with advances in technology that we do not yet have. For this poem, imagine living in a world that is either utterly advanced in technology or one that has no technology at all. How does either of these scenarios impact relationships? Education? Culture? Start with an imaginative spark and see where it takes you.

Option Three: Alien Forms

No, I’m not talking about humanoid creatures with large heads and eyes and long, pointy fingers here. I’m talking about other forms of writing that poets don’t usually try. Short or flash fiction. Essay. Memoir. Take one of the ideas from above and write in a form that is “alien” to you.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Tow Truck 51: Aliens Exist?

  1. I love these ideas. Be sure to see today’s Writer’s Almanac on UFO stuff! I handled a bunch of alien/UFO-related materials when I worked at the used bookstore, and it freaked me out!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I’ve awarded you a Leibster Award. Thanks for doing so much good stuff for poets like me. (And if you’ve already won one, don’t worry about linking back to me. Thanks!)

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