And there’s a hand, my trusty friend…

Well, another year has begun. Resolutions have been made involving health, writing, and prioritizing my time. We were lucky enough to ring in the New Year with dear friends in England, relishing their company and getting to know their new baby daughter. We also had leisure time to see football matches, and I got to spend some time with wonderful art.   I hope to talk more about art other than the written word on the blog this year, and I will start by sharing some photos from Antony Gormley’s Another Place installation on Crosby Beach outside of Liverpool. (Click on the link for the basics about the installation and some of the controversy that has surrounded it.)

The wind blew with incredible force as we walked the half mile or so from the parking area over the dunes to where the statues are installed. Sand pelted our faces, but the sun bright and high in the sky made up for the slight discomfort. Looking out over the Irish Sea, the statues are placed over a two mile stretch of beach. Some are buried up to their knees, some partially covered by the tide. They are lonely and wistful, as if they are waiting for something better just beyond the horizon. One even wore a bracelet of plastic holly on his wrist for Christmas. Walking down the beach to get some different views, we got caught by the tide rolling up the beach on the way back. Although a pretty good leap left me with just slightly wet feet, I can see how there was initially some concern about people perhaps getting cut off from the sand as the tide came up the beach with unexpected speed. (I don’t live near an ocean, so maybe this is something seaside folks know how to avoid…)

I found the installation moving and peaceful. On a warmer day, I would have liked to have spent some time just hanging out with the guys, looking out over the vast horizon for another place. May this year be a new place for you – and may you find whatever you are looking for out there.

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