Go, Go, Gadget Getaway!

I used to love to watch Inspector Gadget with my son – his bumbling antics and his amazing go-go-gadget arms.  Even if he always needed help, he got the job done. This weekend will be my fifth year at Peter Murphy’s Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway in New Jersey, and with the help of Peter Murphy and all the other wonderful participants, I will get the job done and come home with at least three new poems that are bound to be good.

Not only will I have all weekend with Peter’s prompts, but I will get to see amazing East Coast poets and friends like Rachel Bunting and Doug Goetsch and spend the whole weekend with writers – writing – and eating – and having an all-around fabulous time. Oh, and not to mention the reading by Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn. And the release of the first anthology of Peter’s prompts called Challenges for the Delusional, which features one of my previously published Getaway poems. And did I mention friends? And poems? I am ridiculously excited. Can you tell?

(Note to Chicago snow: I don’t mind if you finally arrive on Thursday. I get it. It’s January. But please do not affect my flight to the Getaway on Friday. Thank you for your cooperation.)


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